xX7 Smack Facts (I Hate You, Wes) x Big Dreams Sneak PeekXx

Apparently I was hit with a tag thanks to Wesley so I have hit y'all with seven random facts and also tag other unfortunate souls. Sigh, what you want me to do? I'm sorry! (c) Jay-Z.
  1. Rachael Olek
  2. Alonzo Edwards
  3. William Ketchum III
  4. Chelsea Kirchoff
  5. Mel Miller
  6. Scott Daly
  7. Sway Guzman
  • I used to listen to Marilyn Manson leading toward my Freshman year of high school. (SIDENOTE: I went to a Lutheran middle school lol)
  • I hate when shit isn't organized but get too lazy to organize it myself.
  • When I was little I was so afraid of water that when my mom accidentally hit me with the watering hose I stripped naked one day and ran around my backyard yelling "Ninja Turtles!"
  • I have no rhythm, despite the stereotype that all black people can dance.
  • When I was younger (around 10 maybe) I took karate from a guy that actually looked like Chuck Norris' younger brother, beard and all.
  • Since sophomore year in college I've listen to at least one song from a Detroit musician (Eminem, Royce Da 5'9, Dilla, Slum Village, etc) or at least one Jay-Z song every day.
  • I'm still trying to participate in life and not just observe it.
And I can't have a post without some type of art. So here's a sneak peek inside my senior project that I've been (slowly) working on entitled "Smack's Big Dreams"...

And as always, I'm Ghost...face


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