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xXHow I Spent My WeekendXx

*A Sketch Journal presented in Surround Sound*

Went to the local Target with the homie Jay Norm and Q to find a fedora to rock to CCS's Century Ball later that night.

Was definitely about to rock that hot suit until that "hot" suit wasn't Oversized suit fail indeed...

And I was the guy with two beautiful dates. Giggity.

...with girls magically popping out of nowhere to dance (shouts out to Sa'Nia and her trickless magician skills)....

The morning after (no Andre 3000)

JP and his newfound girlfriend cakin' abilities...

...and her giving me of some girl scout cookies...

...ending with poor ol' dark skinned Jerome. Oh, poor ol' Jerome, how you're the epitome of "nice guys finish last." Thank you, The Game and BET...the ONLY time I actually watched BET lol.

Oh, and...

It ain't "And He Gets The Girl..." but I don't mind it at all. AT...ALL. Shouts out to my Sweet Thang and Lil' Mama for being my wonderful dates.

I'm G…

xXBlackbook ChroniclesXx

It's been a grip since I posted some actual sketches on here...

xXWild Things x Move On x Mail TimeXx

...nah, not that one movie where Neve Campbell and Denise Richards make out in a pool soaking wet....although that was pivotal point in my many stages of puberty.

Nah, I'm talking about THESE Wild Things...

Thank you, Spike Jonze. Not only did you help visualize Kanye's "Flashing Lights," Pharcyde's "Drop," (illest music video ever) and Diddy's "It's All About the Benjamins" but you helping visualize one of my favorite childhood stories of all times. You, sir, are a champion. Smack stamp of approval!

The Pharcyde - Drop

Kanye West - Flashing Lights

Diddy - It's All About The Benjamins (Rock Version)

xSlaughterhouse - Move Onx

Although Joe Budden's long awaited second album Padded Room didn't hit me as greatly as expected, his recent forming of this hip-hop supergroup consisting of him, Detroit's own Royce Da 5'9", Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I is one of the things that have me excited for music this year. If this song is…

xXWebsite Sneak PeekXx

These are only the first steps, sir. Project Mayhem will continue on as smoothly as possible....
With that, I'm Ghost...face
P.S.... My boy Ant B just joined the art blog world. Check him out @ P.S.S....Wes, why the hell aren't you making my blog look as fly? I hate you, man.

xXOctane - Leave Me AloneXx

Here's the music video for the single "Leave Me Alone" by Octane (aka Ro aka co-owner of Burn Rubber) off of the album Forgotten...Chosen by him and partner-in-rhyme Illite. It's an amazing song, even more amazing when performed live though. Like when I saw them perform at the launch party over the summer, which immediately brought me to the steps of Burn Rubber, which immediately made me want to buy something there.

....SIDENOTE: I really do need to buy something from Burn Rubber. I mean, they might soon have my design on a shirt so I GOTTA cop something, ya know?

xXMotorcity RhinosXx

Alright, so here's the final design for my entry into the Detroit Zoo poster competition. Yeah, so Jillian and Matt definitely posted theirs up so I figured why the hell not?

With that, I'm off to chow down on this bomb ass sandwich from Ernie's (a great sandwich in Detroit. Do yourself a favor and check it out. The cat that runs it is entertaining as hell and the food is great), and get some maaaaaad sleep in. With that, I'm Ghost...face

xXLions, Tigers, Insomnia, Oh MyXx

Yo, I'm tired... REALLY tired.

As I type this I have officially spent two days of no sleep in order to finish up this project that is for a poster contest held by the Detroit Zoo. The contest was given to CCS's Illustration department juniors/seniors and everyone, like myself, have been busting their asses off just to get this joint done.

Only I didn't realize it was due today.

So quickly getting pass the "Oh &#@!"s, I cracked down on the idea that I had that took an element of the zoo and incorporated it with my stylized drawing. Stocked up on the caffeinated drinks and energy shots, and prepared for a week of non-stop zombification. And I finally got it done. Like just a little while ago. Do you know how that feeling felt?

In the words of Cam'ron. "I put my two arms up, touchdown!"

Now all I have to do is get it printed out, mounted, and handed over to Dave and Don. That's not too much, right? Yeah I ain't think so either. Of course …

xXCharacter Designs x ?Week Xperiment v. 3Xx

Here are some more character designs of Saturn and Sarasin from Joseph Altman's series that is still in the works., with these displaying their "special" abilities more. I had these lingering on the desktop for a while so I thought now would be a good time to drop them.

xX?Week Xperiment v.3Xx
So after a couple weeks of dabbling into ideas and whatnot I've narrowed down my next musical experiment that I will be divulging myself into for the next couple of weeks. It was a tough choice. At first the arrogant and outlandish swag of the music of T.I. and Wayne were speaking to my swag-wanting soul but the gritty heart pounding lyrics and beats of Royce Da 5'9 and Black Milk spoke to my Detroit-bound life. But I decided to go toward another avenue...

Kanye West is all about confidence. You can practically tell it in his actions and songs. Songs such as "Good Life" and "Keep 'Em High" boast all about that cocky side fo him that people know much fro…


Nothing I'd usually do. Two quick pieces I made up for my Art Therapy class.
*shrugs again*

EDITOR'S NOTE: I surely was listening to "Love Bomb" when making the second one.


xXThe Lonely StonerXx

"The lonely stoner, Mr. Solo Doe low
He's on the move can't seem to shake the shade
Within his dreams he see's the life he made, made
The pain is deep
A silent sleeper you won't hear a peep, peep
The girl he wants don't see no one into
It seems the feelings that she had are through, through..."

Kid Cudi - Day N' Nite

More from the "Hear What Your Eyes Can See" series to come!

xxI.V. 2009 Spring CollectionXx

The good folks of Identical Variant finally released two pieces of the new Spring collection. You don't even know how long we had these in storage just patiently waiting to get these out to the people. The new girl tank tops (modeled by the beautiful Vanessa), aptly entitled "Drop Bombs," is the one that I designed and is the first multi-colored shirt in our batch. The second is the new logo shirts designed and worn by the head of I.V. himself (and horrible ass roommate. I kid), Randall "JP" Pointer. And THOSE are LIMITED EDITION so catch them while you can!

"Drop Bombs" Women's Tank | $15
Limited Edition Men's Reverse Logo Shirts | $20

Head over to the store and cop yourself or a friend, family member, local bum one, or just click on the individual pics to take you that specific shirt.

xXOpen Letter to the Art Gods IIIXx

xXOpen Letter to the Art Gods IIIXx
I hate to go and rehash some of the old material but...

...Art Gods, get on your job and hit me up with that chance meeting with Ms. Dawson with a quickness.

But of course, by some strange reason your powers aren't vibrant enough to cause that to happen, I'll always take KeriHilson...

And I'm Ghost...face
As I said in the a couple posts back, Rev. Times would be getting into a all new "widescreen" format as a more King Syndicate friendly design. It's not dumbing down at all, my friends. No, it's more like "switching up the style." Flipping the script, if you will. I'm gonna miss that old style though.'s so hard to say goodbye!

I'm Ghost...face