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xXSmack's Special Final Exam Release TherapyXx

As much stress and disdain creeps into my emotional side during this two weeks full of finishing murals, portraits, essays, and getting my portfolio prepared for reviews, I decided to take time out of my day to experiment with the Wacom Tablet for two reasons:
A) I wanted to try my hand at painting digitally (even though I'm very much lame with traditional painting)
B) The stress kept burrowing through my skull so I NEEDED some artistic alone time.

So here's what this experimental stress reliever has produced so far:

More experimental Wacom Tablet piffness sure to come. Stay tuned, True Believer!


The Britt Versus Superman Saga

This five part comic strip was originally created because of an old little comic I did of a joke between my friend Brittany and I about her beating the crap out of comic book legend Superman. I planned this five-parter to be all one massive birthday present for Britt (even though it took me much longer to complete apparently).
To start it off, here is a comic I did earlier that sort of hinted toward the battle that would go on later...

And here is the actual saga. Enjoy...

More comics/art to come!