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ESPN/Truehoop - Ode To Sneakers (Part 1)

Recently I was commissioned to get my sneakerhead on do some illustrations of a few sneakers for ESPN's Truehoop. There was a need to show the process for each illustration so it could be placed in video form along side with spoken word to complete the process, so I decided to do all of them using Procreate on the iPad Pro (since it automatically records). More to come... 

The Husel - The Side Husel MIXTAPE

More illustration/graphic design work I've done with R&B singer Musiq Soulchild's new side musical side persona projects, this time for the newly dropped mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid (of G-Unit fame).

The Revolutionary Times - No. 221

The Ringer: Jack Reacher

New illustrations done for Shea Serrano's newest joint on The Ringer, gifting the world with fifty more Jack Reacher sequels. Thank us later, Tom Cruise.

From The Vault: KuroiOto - Sound Of Music/23

The brother and fellow BLAT! Pack member KuroiOto decided to let go some joints that have been sitting in his vault last night, some of which I helped do the cover art for.

The Revolutionary Times - Targets

"We know we were pretty quiet during the unfortunate new cases of police brutality, but please believe the message is still strong as ever."
And you can get the first version of this as an art print (and more) over at The Revolutionary Times shop over at Society6!

J.J. Watt: American

I teamed back up with Shea Serrano on his new joint for The Ringer about NFL star J.J. Watt.


It's Batman Day. Done in Procreate.

Jahshua Smith - The Fourth Wall

My brother Jahshua Smith's second album The Fourth Wall is available now! It was pleasure to once again team up with him and be responsible for the artwork and designing the album booklet along with the promotion (singles, events, etc). Go check it out now! Also check out the SpeedComic for the "Thank You" illustration featuring everyone who helped with the album that's included with the album booklet


Champions Series - "Phenomenal"

Continuing with my series of illustrations of current champions in WWE, after last Sunday's Backlash PPV I felt it was only right that this one had to happen. I was introduced to this man in the early days of TNA (when it was NWA-TNA) alongside the likes of Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, and Amazing Red. So you would have to understand my excitement when he debuted in WWE earlier this year at the Royal Rumble, only to win its top championship a couple of months later. So of course the next edition of my "Champions" series had to be the Phenomenal AJ Styles
We live in a time where Kevin Steen, AJ Styles, and Shinsuke Nakamura (foreshadow) are the top champions in World Wrestling Entertainment (yes, NXT counts). What a time to be alive.

First done in Procreate, and finished in Photoshop. 

Jahshua Smith - Grey Goose Quesadillas

The final single from Jahshua Smith’s upcoming album The Fourth Wall featuring Cold Men Young’s Mic Write. Artwork done by me. The Fourth Wall drops digital and physically next week on Friday, September 16th! You can pre-order it today on Bandcamp.

Best Friend

Champions Series - "KO-Mania"

I couldn’t resist doing another illustration of WWE Superstar Kevin Owens after Monday night’s plot twist of a RAW. Done first in Procreate and finished up in Photoshop.

The Revolutionary Times - End Of Summer Days

Things have been pretty quiet on the RT front but trust us, we're still very much alive. We're just trying to squeeze out as much summer that's left as we can since life kind of got in the way. But we'll be back soon. Promise. 
In the mean time, you can purchase this art as a print over at our Society6 shop! 

Saginaw NAACP - Freedom Fund Gala

Flyer I recently designed for the annual Freedom Fund Gala that's run by the Saginaw, MI branch of the NAACP that will be happening later next month.

Elliot's Demons

Of course inspired by Mr. Robot. I had this sitting in my Procreate files for a minute. I had it sketched out before the new season aired so I decided to finally try to get out of my depression funk and work on it.
Done in Procreate. Finished in Photoshop.
You can buy the print on Society6 as well as cop it as a phone case.

Event: BLAT! Pack Night Out

Coming later in August, there will be a two-night event presented by the Michigan collective the BLAT! Pack that celebrates both the rest of summer and the release of the concert documentary along with a concert the next night. So if you're in August around that time definitely come out to Robin Theatre and enjoy yourselves.


Jahshua Smith - Black Diamonds

The Fourth Wall drops in September.

Logo Design - Jordyn Anese

Logo design I recently finished for Jordyn Anese and her rebranding of her previous That's My Jam 90 brand.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 220

Logo Design - Red Room Studios

Recently I was asked to design the logo for a new recording studio in Detroit that's officially opening up. The wanted concept was something illustrative but still simple and clean. After a few sketches (which I've included below) I went with something with an isometric feel to it. 

Space Cowboy

"Nice tune. Real easy..." 
Cowboy Bebop tribute done for this week's tag on WeDraw on Vine. Done with Procreate.

Jahshua Smith - Zero Gravity

The brother Jahshua Smith finally premiered the first single off of his sophomore album The Fourth Wall. Produced by StewRAT and with assistance from crooner PhourTheLove, “Zero Gravity” sets the tone (and the stage) for the album. I’ve been given the task of acting as an art director for the album so this is one of many joints that you’ll see illustrated by me. And also here’s the SpeedComics video for it as well.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 219

RED: Computer Love (New Mini Companion Book) + INFO/SUBMISSIONS

“Could it be your face I see on my computer screen…”
Originally I wanted to do the next installment of RED as a traditionally painted concept using watercolor techniques. But then I was introduced to the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. So THAT idea will have to be saved for a Chapter Three down the road. But since I’ve been using Procreate with the new gear I wanted to see how far I could push its abilities. So I thought putting together a new mini-book would be something dope to do almost entirely using Procreate. 
And that’s where COMPUTER LOVE comes in. Today our lives are so intwined with technology and love and lust is of course no exception (”Sigh, it goes down in the DMs”). So why not make art inspired by the technology we’ve embraced? All body types are welcomed.Of course you need to be 18+ Pose however you’re most comfortable in. Submissions don’t need to be fully nude, just as long as the form of the body is shown. ​Props and backgrounds can also be utilized (especially if it…