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The Revolutionary Times - No. 156

The Revolutionaries are finally put deep down the Holy Rabbit hole as they try their best to stay in disguise.

Smack! x SoFokised Apparel

I was tasked at designing the mascot for local Flint clothing line SoFokised Apparel. I've drawn lion mascots before so of course I wanted this to be designed as different as possibly while still giving off the "cool" vibe that the client wanted.


So, last night I finally submitted a piece for this year's Dirty Show (aptly titled 13.5). That last time I submitted to them the subject matter was, uh, rather new experience for me. So this go around I...still was not prepared. The show is in the last week of September and that's when I think I'll finally reveal the full uncensored thing. So for now, you'll be get the full "scrambled porn" treatment all the way.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 155

Unfortunately, in this case, there really was never just one...

The Revolutionary Times - No. 154

The guys get the dish on their first official CIA mission with high action figure casualty rate. This comic was also brought to you by Subway.