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The Revolutionary Times - No. 115

Meet the terrifying union behind the foreboding zombie outbreak, The Bro-Op (name pending due to Sarah Palin's nagging). United by a simple cause - disrupting the power of Barack Obama...
...and Basketball Wives.

He (Might) Rise...

So I've decided that I'm going to embark on a journey. A journey many have traversed and some have given up on.

I'm going to start developing my own graphic novel. Based on The Revenge Of Black Jesus idea I had around Easter time. The story's swimming in my head and several concepts are there as well. But it's more so fleshing out characters and the world they inhabit right now. And then, a more tightened story followed by actually getting to draw everything out.

This will probably be the only time you hear about for a while because, quite honestly, who knows when I'll actually do it. Aside from living a starving artist life, trying to find a suitable job to pay bills, helping with IV, AND trying to get a fanbase for The Revolutionary Times, who know when I'll actually have time to write a treatment for this or even do layouts for the pages. Just know that at some point in my life, I will do this story. And I will do it to the best of my abilities.

Also …

The Revolutionary Times - No. 114

The beginning of the end...of the beginning is finally upon us! The "Red Dead Revolution" storyarc has begun. As prophesied, the Times will now be updated two times a week! Stay tuned!

The Carey Sisters X Smack!

I've been blasting this and the "prints" news all over Twitter, I'm sure someone's unfollowed me by now. Ah well. So someone gave these two lovely ladies the bright idea of putting me on their show tonight. Well that someone was Senor Ketchum and it may or may not be the worst idea ever. They might cancel their show after my interview solely based on the possible nonsense I may say. Or it may be an excellent interview and I won't forever scar these awesome ladies.

Either way it turns out, tune into The Carey Sisters' show tonight at 8PM PT/11PM ET (this is Smack/Michigan time for you folks that didn't follow that class) and find out. Click on the picture above to head over to their page on

And as soon as the interview is posted up, I'll update this post with it in its full glory.
UPDATE: And boom, just like that. Magic, son.

...I'll learn how to speak. One day. I promise.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 113 x Announcement!

We as human being almost never realize the inner prejudice turmoils and injustices that occur in the cookie community. We'll have more on this from their spokescookie, the Reverend Snickerdoodle Jackson.

ALSO, announcement time. *drumroll* Starting this week, Brandon and I will be releasing TWO strips a week. Yep, the new scheduling is two strips either released on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. So expect a new strip THIS Saturday that also starts a new storyarc that we're really excited about.


I've been teetering on this idea for the longest, but now I've finally decided to do it. Starting out I will be selling prints of some of my work. Each print will be sized at 11x17 with a price of $15 (plus 6.95 shipping) in card stock paper quality (and soon glossy). The prints are made to order so the won't run out. Unfortunately I'm not able to do international shipping at this time but who knows, maybe in the future.    

The Killing Time (Trigun)

Yep. I'll admit it. I'm a Trigun fan. Nothing to be ashamed of at all. And if you think other wise then I feel pity for you unsatisfied soul.

This also may or may not be a start of a series of character illustration that filled my naive teenaged years.   I'm just saying...if you see another illustration of Spike Spiegal or Stone Cold Steve Austin then's apart of a series.

SMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 22

Ah another SpeedComic. Here's the behind the scenes process of what it took to get to the finished product of the "Maybe She'll Dream Of Me" illustration.

Also to my surprise someone who runs the Foreign Exchange Twitter account got wind of the piece and now it's featured on their Facebook fan page! It was even retweeted by Nicolay and everything so yeah...that was kind of awesome. Definitely would enjoy working with those cats on some art one day.

When She Lays Down At Night...

This one has been cooking in my mind for several months now and I just now finally got time to put it on paper. Inspired by The Foreign Exchange (Phonte x Nicolay) and their track “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me” from their album Authenticity with a little modeling help from my friend Danielle (she's the giant head at the bottom haha). It's rare that I get to do complete personal art since I've been bogged with commission work but I'm glad I finally got this one off the "To Do" list.

And for you earlobe pleasure, the actual track. Guaranteed to smooth out your night.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 112

Next week we put Sebastian in a Bat-Mite costume and take on The Vulture a.k.a. Bill O' Reilly.

The Bulls**t Rap Song (AKA BARZ)

I've come to realized that this illustration thing will only make me more a starving artist then I already am. And that can't happen You can't have a fat starving artist. It's an oxymoron. So today, I announce that I'm retiring from the graphic arts to persue my life long goal of being apart of the musical arts.

I.E. rappity rapping.

Once in a while, a musical genius comes along and changes the fabric of the industry forever...
...I am not that such person. This is just happens when you're on break from working and have a horrible case of insomnia. And bars.

Khrysis - PX2 Intro (Thethyrday) (instrumental)
The Weeknd - Trust Issues (Remix)

The Revolutionary Times - No. 111

The Republicans go to "desperate measures" to try and take care of Obama and the national debt. Many copies of Menace II Society were purchased this day.