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xXJust You Shut Your Mouth...Xx

It's been a while. Shouldn't have left you without some dope stuff to step to...

...and now that we have that lame opener done with, let's get to some new art! Yeah!

New comics finally. One for "The Smack Chronicles" that's (unfortunately) inspired by David Bowie's role in Labyrinth, and the other for the project Brandon Howard and myself are trying to distribute FINALLY titled "The Revolutionary Times."

Also let me hit you with some pieces done for classes and whatnot...

As for other projects, you know I do have a couple hidden things up my sleeve. Working on a design for an upcoming clothing line called "Pompous" and also still working on my boy Randall's Identical Variant line as well. Plus Brandon and I are really trying to set this Revolutionary Times comics off so except that website AND Myspace to be on in the NEAR future.

But until then, I'll see you crazy cats later. Ciao.