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"Selfie" (NSFW)

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The Revolutionary Times - No. 175 x No. 176

We're finally getting around to introducing the cupcake specialists behind the Cakes & Cons food truck. But something more sinister is behind that frosting...

The Revolutionary Times - No. 174

I haven't been posting many of the RT comics on here because we've gotten so many hits on our Tumblr and the main page. It's been incredible finally being able to reach out to a new audience this past month or so and I'm glad people are getting a chance to enjoy the comics. This is a quasi-sequel to our comic that was inspired by the unfortunate Mike Brown shooting, which is regards to the news of another shooting that happened in St. Louis this week.


My contributions to Inktober so far. The first two were my first attempts at using actual ink for the longest (I think since college).