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xXReed Gunther Smack-difiedXx

I just got word from the head of the class, Chris Houghton, that I could put this up on the blog for the world to see so here ya go, folks. My rendition of the Houghton Brothers western hero and his bear-ian colleague Sterling along with his sudden love interest Starla.

Once again, if you haven't gotten your own copy, head over to their main site and also check out the mini-zines they got along with other fan art.

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 27Xx

I wanted to get this up and running before the day started but the life of a freelance illustrator AND college student got in the way. Anyways, better late than never, right?

No. 27 - "Oh Fidel"

You got friends in high places? Baby Sebastian's got some in lower continents.

xXSmack Peek: Reed Gunther x WarningXx

It's all about the Smack Peeks, baby. (Take that, take that)...

Here's a small sample of the pin-up I concocted for the Houghton Brothers western hero Reed Gunther. Once again if you aren't up on that you definitely need to pick yourself up a copy. A combination of Chris' amazing art mixed with his brother Shane's quirky and all for nothing storytelling combines into a great comic that I'm sure you'll be enjoying from front to back.

...and here a sneak peek of the newest addition to "The Art of Noise" series, this one my own rendition of Biggie's "Warning."

Usually I would have something witty to say after this but...I'm burned out. To be continued for next post.

'Til then I'm Ghost....zzzzzzzzzzzhuhwhat? Oh my bad, face.

xX360 Main Street InterviewXx

Last month, I had the great privilege of being interviewed by the beautiful Gina Myers for 360 Main Street, a website devoted to showcasing the many talented people from Saginaw. On a day where I literally punched a bee too. It had it coming. It was buzzing too close to my Big Gulp.

Anyways, in the interview I talk about my beginnings, my influences, Smack Chronicles/Revolutionary Times, iV, Saginaw Art, and more. Click on the picture to check it out for yourself! How Gina was able to deciper my mumbligs and ranting is beyond me, but she's still a champ for doing so.

With that, I'm Ghost...face

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 26Xx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 26 - "Mad Media"

I hear the beaches on Cuba are amazing this time of year.

xXSmack Peek: The Random Ish EditionXx

It's been a while, ol' art blog. I know I neglected you. It's gonna be okay. I'll take you out to a nice Red Lobster dinner with all the fixings and we can go out on the town.

...or I could just put some art up here. That'll work? Whew, good. I'm a college senior. I ain't got Red Lobster stacks on me.

So here's some Smack Peeks (yeah I'm keeping that name) of some upcoming projects that I've been slowly working on. I'm not even gonna say anymore on them just to keep that whole mysterious atmosphere. Just know that ONE of them is a comic. Ooooh, I know. Vague. Mysterious. All that good junk...

Also on some tidbit news...

- My piece for The Dirty Show got accepted so I should be sending that in hopefully sometime this week.

- Thanks to a conversation with fellow (awesome) artist Chris Houghton, the deal has been sealed: He's going to draw a pin-up for The Smack! Chronicles and I'm doing one for his comic Reed Gunther. And if you haven't…

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 25Xx

No. 25 - "1st Edition - Sept. 11th"

DISCLAIMER: Both the writer and illustrator have no personal opinion with regards to 9/11 its all entertainment so be entertained.

The series about a newspaper right? So here is the first of many editions of the actual RevTimes newspaper, starting off with most picked conspiracy theory (thanks to our Facebook group) - Sept. 11th.

xXNew Sh!T Newday - No. 24 x LivLuxMagXx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 24 "I Know What You Did Last..."

In the words of a chorus sung by Michael Jackson, "I always feel like somebody's waaaaaatching meeeee!"

Also in RevTimes related news, IV La Familia Donyale Walton of Liv Lux Magazine hit me up earlier today to give an impromptu interview about "The Revolutionary Times" and how it all started. Go and check it out (and don't mind all of my usages of "lol" and "basically")! And if you're into all things in the world of fashion, and you HAVEN'T bookmarked LivLuxMag then slap yourself and your mother. And THEN bookmark the site.

I'm Ghost...face