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Bored Smack: J-God Edition

"Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to f**k with. J. Bieb ain't nothing to Wu-Tang." Bong bong. 
Brought to you by Twitter ideas actually becoming reality and probably the most LSD laced golden goblet that Kanye West can take a picture of these days.

The Influences of Smack!

Inspired by the recent meme over at DeviantArt, I decided to put together this collection of influences that make up the artistic DNA build that is Sean Mack. The process of figuring out exactly what inspired me and putting it into collective form was actually the most calming and liberating morning I ever had. Although it was also the most difficult. There's so much that I get inspired from on a day to day basis that it's hard to pinpoint my exact influences. Hell, if you look at the styles on the map you might have to take a second glance at my own work. I do know it definitely helped lift some demons that plagued me when I woke up.

J Scott CampbellChris BachaloJoe MadureiraSkottie YoungBruce TimmHumberto RamosIan McConville (MacHall, Three Panel Soul)Hip-HopBill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes)Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats) Mike Mignola (Hellboy)Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Steamboy)My FriendsShinichiro Watanbe (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo)John Romita JrBrad Bird (The Iron Gia…

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 67

The Revolutionary Times - No. 67 "Wild Cops" 
The Revolutionary Times' animal correspondants come back from their hiatus with a vengeance. A vengeance likely fueled by old Charles Bronson movies. 

Shamarr W. - Strictly For My...

Brought to my attention by the homie Joseph Altman (of The Northstarz) and his help in art direction, I was commissioned to do the album artwork for Detroit emcee Shamarr W. upcoming mixtape Strictly For My... The concept behind the cover tells the tale of a convoluted mess of people crowded in the city as Shamarr being right in the middle, acting as an anchor for the masses.

And just today, Shamarr put the mixtape up for release so without further adeui, for you listening pleasure - Shamarr W.'s Strictly For My...

Jesus Got Game

Flyer for an upcoming service here in Saginaw held by the Rehoboth Outreach Christian Center, brought to my attention by my homie (and fellow past Gamma Kappa Kudo) Sylvester Lockhart. Also here's a banner I did a while back for another friend of my, Darrell Parham, for his upcoming blog. I just never put it up here for some reason...

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 66

The Revolutionary Times - No. 66 "Dear Lord Tiny Baby Jesus"

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 65

The Revolutionary Times - No. 65 "A World of Pure Imagination"  In a new unique way of bringing up crew morale. the Revolutionary team employs a different more mind boggling tactic...

This Is For My Peoples! (No Jae Millz)

I was subconsciously reminded of a great show that happening in Detroit at the Russell that a lovely lady friend of mine just happens to be apart of. So that definitely means I'll (try to) be in the building showing nothing but support and artistic loving.

I gotta say, attending an art show at the Russell is pretty surprising at first. I remember the first time I was there was for an art battle and here is this apparently empty abandoned warehouse on the outside but on the inside? Brimming with artists and all its artistic glory. I promised myself that one day...ONE DAY...I will be apart of the one shows out there just for the atmosphere alone.

Click on the flyer to learn more about the show!

Oh yeah, and solely because when I was coming up with a blog title I'm adding the (one good) Jae Millz song that reminded me of it. HA! RAP!

Project (Smack) Mayhem Simplified

If you happened to type in and this comes up, that's because a new dawn has come. As I slowly but surely try to design the Revolutionary Times site, I had an epiphany that I needed a simpler and easy to handle site, inspired by Marvel Comics illustrator Skottie Young's site. And thanks to Blogger giving the abilities to add pages I saw my opening. So now with this I can have my blog AND my art gallery all in one easy accessible site. God bless you technology... 

...and now to figure out how to do CSS for the Rev. Times. Damn you technology!

Old Sean, New Smack - Slayer

Looking back in my DeviantArt account, I realized I started it in 2003. So I wanted to see the transition of old high school Sean to new post-grad Smack. The first thing that popped up was this drawing I did based on an idea that I developed in high school - Slayer.
The story of Slayer goes as this - Gabriel is a loner who walks about his campus as the school leper. Barely any friends, no love life, and the sudden revelation that his parents are not really his biological ones. As he goes deeper into his real parents' lives, he realizes that his father was apart of clan of warriors (The Slayer Corp.) destined to police demonic forces. But before Gabriel was born, his father was murdered by an mysterious demon who then implanted his essence into Gabriel's then pregnant mother. That demon is soon revealed as the Devil himself and as revenge against the Slayer Corp., he now holds the souls of Gabriel's parents. Now with the power of Hell spreading in his body and the guidance …