Smack x DJ Jewels x Music To My Math

Last fall as I was commissioned by the brother DJ Jewels to do the interior artwork for a project he was working on that fused music and math together to help out kids who might have problems with the subject...

...this was my time. My time to finally avenge the poor grades that I received in high school because of Pre-Algebra and all those other maths I no longer care about. Yeah, you heard right Mr. Tack! I'm HELPING kids learn math now. HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE APP--

...ahem, obviously it was a very passionate subject for me so I was up to the task. It was a fun and unique project and also something rare since I haven't done many commissions that were geared toward the younger folk.

...also my pain was avenged. No longer did I look at numbers in fear. Confusion still, but no longer were they feared. So thank you DJ Jewels. And thank you kids, for being the reason this project was born. I salute you. 


(EDITOR'S NOTE: I didn't do the cover to the CD. Just the interiors)  


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