The Revolutionary Times - "Propaganda" Announcement

Usually this is where I'd slap a Rev. Times comic down and tell you to read it and laugh or the team will punch you (okay, maybe we haven't really added that last part but...come's implied). But unfortunately today, there will be no comic. Actually from here on out Brandon and I are going back to our past "one comic a week" schedule. I know, I know. The double dose of Rev. Times is no longer possible. We apologize in advance...

...BUT there's a light at the end of this tunnel. The reason we're going back to our old schedule is because we've officially started work on a new book/mini-comic aptly entitled "Propaganda."

...of course that's all we can tell you right now. There is no set release date as of now, but more news will be posted as we progress on the book. Stay tuned, true believers!


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