xXDailies GaloreXx

Sorry that I haven't been daily with the Dailies. On Wednesday I took a mini-vacation to East Lansing and wrecked havoc and goblin-ness upon the MSU campus for their Welcome Week. It was a pretty...interesting three days. Was able to chill with the homies, met and spoke to some very beautiful ladies, and well...got drunk on the way. And it was all sponspered by Red Bull. Thank you, Red Bull. You have made me hyper and drunk at the same time. Awesome....

So anyways, DAILIES!

xXNo. 10 - I DunnoXx

xXNo. 11 - Smells Like SuccessXx

xXNo. 12 - Like VonageXx

xXNo. 13 - AishaXx

This was done for my homegirl Aisha. She wanted a nice little piece to hang up in the bathroom and being a sucker for a lovely ladyfriend I obliged.

And now to prepare for the week of getting clothes packed up, supplies checked in, and all this drinking out of my system. Until then AS ALWAYS

I'm Ghost...face


Blog Deleted said…
I loooooooooove her bathroom piece!!!!! <3 =]

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