xXDailies #09 x Detroit Return Survival KitXx

xXDailies #09 - I FUCKING LOVE DRAWING!!!!Xx

So yeah, this is of course inspired that by the more (in)famous version. Slightly started off as just messing around but then turned into a slight promo for the blog...

xXBack to the D(etroit) Survival KitXx
The days are growing near as I'm setting up to make that semi-permanent return to Detroit for the semester on the 30th. Aside from the personal supplies of technology, art supplies, and other things I HAVE to make sure I come back with some fresh intact. Behold...

  • Navy Blue New Era Detroit fitted
  • LOT29 "This is My Town Now!" The Dark Knight tee. (Color me surprise when I saw this hanging on the rack. C.O.S. = Cop on sight!)

  • Same fitted...
  • Red "Crank Dat Ninja" I.V. tee
And the kit continues to be stocked for the 30th. All I really know is that I'm STILL gunning for that Kid Robot fitted @ Burn Rubber. Hopefully it'll still be there but knowing how popular that is one can only hope.

Also, here's some things to look out for this week:
  • More creative and elaborate daillies. Well as elaborate as I can create within in a day...
  • Design for my homie Jahshua aka JYoung The General
  • Design for my girl Aisha
  • Character profiles for Revolutionary Times
And as always, until then live long and prosper. And of course, Ghost...face

EDIT: Also added some new tracks to the already rotund Playlist. I'm getting an idea to make a second mixtape with this plays (sans the songs that were on the first one) and making it the "McLovin Edition" with Superbad clips as the interludes. Or SmcLovin. Whatever. I'll work that out later...
  • Fonzworth Bentley "Everybody" f. Kanye West x Andre 3000 x Sa-Ra
  • DJ Khaled "Go Hard" f. Kanye West x T-Pain (I don't know why I'm feeling this one so much right now...)
  • Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek "The Blast" (one of the all time favorites songs)


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