xXDailies #06 x #07Xx

xXDailies #06 - PreparedXx

Done yesterday before I headed off to the pool party/release party for two of I.V.'s new shirts, "Crank Dat Ninja" and "Sorry, I'm Me Already." Both of these shirts are now available for purchase over @ the online store.

xXDailies #07 - The Life & Times of B.N.Xx

Speaking of last night, I heard a tale that inspired today's Daily. See, in my circle of homies, the term "bitch nigga" is used to describe those who are just worthless cats who do dirty deeds that in turn hinder the lifes of the decent people everywhere. Last night I learned that the term transcends race and humanity as a whole...
  • You find out your girl is cheating on you and you try to get brolic (tough) on the cat who is just messing with her who doesn't know she's involved in the first place...
  • You call said girl a "bitch" so many times that she ultimately ends of kicking YOUR ass WHILE the cat she's messing with is still on the phone...
  • The next day you drive said girl to that cat's place! Not only that, you APOLOGIZE for trying to act hard (||) to the dude in the first place.
You see, it's time like this that I wish there were outreach programs for these type of cats. I...I don't want to believe something like this ever happen. It's an urban myth to me. It will forever be that...


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