xXDailies #05Xx

xXDailies #05 - Are You There Yet?Xx

Had this done earlier but forget to scan it in and get it on here because I was hangin' with the homies (no Doug E. Doug).

As I get closer to heading back to CCS, I start to get a bit...eager to see people I haven't seen in a while. I'm always like this. I don't know why. Because I miss their company. Most likely it. I just can't wait to head back is all.

...and maybe I should actually give her a call. I've been meaning to lol. I'll do that...when I wake up.

Oh, and my old school chum (yeah I just typed those words) Kaji sent me this picture that's basically just pure greatness with a blue Yankee fitted on top of it...
Greatness. 100%. Pure. Unadulterated. Greatness.



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