xXRT - Papers On Which Your Wall Makes Love ToXx

And in celebration of the coming change @ "The Revolutionary Times" we've got some fresh new wallpapers for y'all to get your hands on...



So keep an eye out on both the DrunkDuck page and the Revolutionary Times blog for the extended version of the awesomesness that you get a glimpse of over here. My blog can only contain so much dopeness so please go and check out the RT blog. And don't be afraid to go over to the blog and hit that "Follow" button. We always appreciate those who show us some love.

With that, I head out back to the D to attend a lecture by legendary Pulitzer Prize winning comic book artist Art Spiegelman, creator of the critically acclaimed graphic novel Maus. Hopefully someone will be taking pictures so I can get one and give y'all an update.

And as always, I'm Ghost...face


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