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xXSmack!'s Time WarpXx

So over in the world of DeviantArt, the artists there created these projects called "memes" where it's a certain topic/project where everyone can do their own versions of. I've participated in one of them before, but I always wanted to do this...

The original meme, developed by Thundercake, basically wanted the artist to depict themselves at both and young age and then their current age. So, thinking back in my high school days *shudder* I came up with 16 being the perfect age to depict. I was young, naive, and full on crushes, anime, webcomics, Kevin Smith movies, and Fight Club.

Oh and of course, it's Monday. And that means...

xXRT NEW SH!T MONDAYS - No. 19 - "Focus On A Perfect World"Xx

With that, I'm going to bed. Because I've been awake for almost two days. I'm Ghost...face


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