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Let's get it work...

...and like that was fuel that lit the fire under the Resevoir Dogs, me and Brandon have been hit with the same flame. But THIS time we mean business (no EPMD). Over the couple of months, I've noticed the influx of followers on this blog (followers that I urge to go ahead and follow the RT blog as well) and both Brandon and I came up with the same idea...

...Redesign this mug. From zero to AWESOME!

So after hours of complicating HTML tutorials, the RT blog has been spruced and purty like. Complete with new banner, new background, and featuring the new comics ALWAYS at the top now.

We also noticed how we need the blog is great and all but in order to become an established comic, we would need a site that hosts them up. Something a blog can't really do. There's where came into the picture and BOOM...

"The Revolutionary Times" officially has a webcomic home. Aside from the HTML hassle, it's going to be a good look.

We've also come to another conclusion...

Starting soon, there will be a new strip every week. This means we are about to get on our grind like crazy for y'all, the loyal readers. And don't worry, I won't give up on "The Smack Chronicles." Not at all. In fact, I'm thinking of finding another hosting site to maybe put up all of the "SC" strips but that's another story...

So there you have it. In the words of one of the greatest movies of all time...
"We have the tools. We have the talent. It's Miller time!"

I'm Ghost...face


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