xXLet's Get DirrtyXx

If you pumpin this one in your truck (let's get dirty)
Say let's get dirty (l-let's get dirty)
If you really don't give a WHAT? (l-let's get dirty)
Say let's get dirty (l-let's get dirty)
Everybody get your hands up (l-let's get dirty)
Say let's get dirty (l-let's get dirty)
If you ain't come to party SHUT UP! (l-let's get dirty)
Say let's get dirty..
- Redman, "Let's Get Dirty"

Every year there is this art show in Detroit called "The Dirty Show" (of course it would be called that) that showcases erotic works. In the past, people have tried to get me to do something for it but it just wasn't in my alley. But as I was already in the midst of "Revolutionary Times" comics and other work, I finally decided to challenge myself.

...and you better believe this was a challenge.

I knew if I was gonna do this, I wanted to showcase the joy of a woman reaching that peak of that "moment" in my own Smack! way. So this was the result of hours and hours...and HOURS of research, brain freezes, and rough sketches.

Done completely on Photoshop CS3 with the Wacom w/ various textures. Lettering done in Illustrator CS3.

Click on the pic for the full non censored piece...

And now, it's coma time...
I'm Ghost...RipVanWrinkleFace


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