xXI Sinatra Shot YouXx

"We Rat Pack n***as, let Sam tap dance on you/
Then, I Sinatra shot ya God damn you//"
- Jay-Z, "Threat"

Here's a poster design that ended up the chopping block, that I did for an event that's being held in LA this Sunday. It's a type of elegant affair so it called for a very Rat Pack inspired poster. Although it didn't work out, I still got the experience of working out in Illustrator with it. Plus, I did this join the span of a day that it was SUPPOSED to be due on some short notice ish. I'm definitely not throwing it away.

Also as a further treat...
HEY KIDS! It's another SPEEDCOMIC video!
...I mean the poster isn't technically a comic but still, it's just....just watch the damn thing.

xXSMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 4ourXx from silentsmack on Vimeo.

And yes I was watching NCIS while working it. Can you blame me? It's a great show!

And with that, I'm Ghost...face


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