xXDetroit CYDI - The Rhyming ThesaurusXx

Now I'm a bit late but those boys from Detroit CYDI blessed the world with great music on Christmas Day in the anniversary of their first offering The Rhyming Dictionary. The Rhyming Thesaurus is a remix project of TRD with collaborations from different producers to bring about a whole new batch of great music.
01 Ju-C Juice Intro (Bredd Lurseoaf) 00:37
02 It's Nothin' (Bob Stoopz Remix) 03:32
03 Show 'N' Improve (Jaye Burough Remix) 05:06
04 Too Cool (DJ Tay Remix) 03:30
05 Based On A True Story (Black Millhouse Remix) 03:34
06 NASCAR (DJ Elite Remix) 03:29
07 Front Back (L05 Remix) 03:32
08 We Go (Ritchcraft Remix) 04:31
09 Roll (Marc Byrd Remix) 05:32
10 The Rhyming Dictionary Outro (Bredd Loaf Remix) 02:11
So head over to their BandCamp and purchase yourself a copy RIGHT NOW. It's only $5. Do you really need that value meal from Wendy's? I thought not.

And yes, I made the cover. ZING!


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