xXSnow CatsXx

Every year the Detroit Lions offer CCS students to design Christmas cards for them through Chuck Giles' Book Cover Illustration course. And naturally the first thing I thought of when I heard Christmas was Santa.

...yeah, can't use Santa. (Definitely not because it kind of spells out Satan).

Oh, okay. Um...mistletoe. Nice innocent mistletoe.

....nah, the rumors of infidelity within football is rampant these days. Geez, haven't you seen The Game (what up Lauryn!)?

So with my first two ideas left on the drawing board, there was only one other thing that came to mind when Christmas is discussed.

Jesus, right? It'd better have been Jesus.

Okay, there was ANOTHER thing that came to mind about Christmas - Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin & Hobbes being one of my favorite strips, I always loved how Calvin created snowmen doing some of the craziest stuff. Heck, the first Calvin & Hobbes book I ever got was called Attack of the Snowmen. So I took that idea and tried to fuse it with football humor (and I don't really know football AT ALL*).

All in all, I say this was a good project to work on. I got to have more experience with an art director (well, kind of) and it helped pushed my creative button. Plus, I've never made a snowy type of scenery before so it helped fuel my "I Hate Drawing Backgrounds" chops.

*Not NECESSARILY true. I did get Barry Sanders' autograph as a kid one time.


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