xXRT Presents 50 Ways Of Being A Revolutionary - Day 001Xx

So a while ago, during a class I talked with fellow artist Chris Houghton while he was making mini zines to promote his Reed Gunther series. He told me how he did and then said (in the wholesome Chris Houghton way) "Hey man, you should do these for your comic." I nodded and proceeded to say "Why yes Chris Houghton, I SHOULD!"

So Brandon and I started cooking up a sort of "guide" to be a revolutionary for a simple four page mini zine. But during that brainstorming, I was also following comic artist Skottie Young as he was starting his daily sketches series "The Adventures of Benard The World Destroyer" and it hie me - why can't we do that for this project? Besides we started coming up with so many that it couldn't fit one pamphlet. So that's what brings us here. Here's the rundown for those people who love to read rundowns...

50 days, 50 ways and tips on being a revolutionary or just all in all being a good person in this world. 50 days, 50 simple black and white sketches cooked up by me.

And what better way to start off by than something Jay-Z inspired.
Way #01 - Wear All Black Everyday (even on Christmas)

Unfortunately Pepsi readers, I won't be putting ALL of the ways on this blog, but just on some days. Yeah, you're gonna have to head over to the Revolutionary Times blog to catch the full epicness of what we're trying for.

Sigh...the things I do to keep my artitic mind busy.

And I'm Ghost...therevolutionwillbebloggedface


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