xXI Think They Call This Venting x Golden DreamsXx

With three weeks left before I take that epic step of graduation, a plethora of thoughts fell on my noggin - unwanted, depressing, stress inducing thoughts. So in order to calm the nerves down (and to have a piece ready for my senior studio critique), I decided to cook this up after listening to Drake's "Fear"  (which is where the "I think they call this venting" came from). 

This was an assignment from my Book Cover Illustration course that dealt with the aspect of dreams. In MY dreams, there's always that one girl that you can't get a hold of no matter of how long you traveled (in this case a bridge o' pillows). It's basically my "dreamsical" ("dream" and "whimsical")  take on the the cat and mouse game that is played when relationships are pursued.  Shout out to my girl Yessica for being a reference (nah, nudity wasn't actually involved in the process though). 

And for those wondering why there hasn't been any new Rev. Times strips, it's simply because of this - Bill Gates doesn't care about black artist (aka my computer crashed again). So keep a look out for new strips pretty soon. And also the "Get Smack! A Macbook Pro" foundation will be setting up shop. We accept all cash denotations (and no ladies, you can't denote your love. Love ain't gonna get me Steve Job'd up). 

Until the, I'm Ghost...face


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