xXOut Here Grindin'Xx

*Pulls up iTunes, selects "Out Here Grindin'" by DJ Khaled, puts on repeat*(1)
I don't care what nobody say, I'ma be me (be me)
Stay hood, stay raised on the streets (cause I'm out here grindin')
Niggas talk about greatness whenever they speak about me
(Cause I'm out here grindin')

Well except for being "in the streets" that's how I've been (kinda) feeling. Ha! And you thought I was just lounging around in boxers watching reruns of Law & Order SVU and Monk all day(2). NOPE! NOPE! Double HA!

Here's the latest of my universal goal of reaching greatness to the point when I can finally start pissing excellence. Joshua Thompson III commissioned me to polish up the logo for the clothing line he's started called Grade A. At first I had done this completely by hand but afterwards I wanted to challenge myself and completely redo my drawing in Illustrator (thanks to inspiration from my father. Dude's a genius I tell you). Here's the result...

Also for the line, he wanted to design two mascots that showcase the line's idea of pride and being ahead of its class...

And I'm definitely feeling how everything turned out. This week is gonna be a busy for one me. Just got commissioned to do two character pieces for a friend of a friend, doing something for Joanna Dam and her TrendSettaz line, AND I still got some more "Revolutionary Times" joints to finish.

I just know damn well between this week and the next there finally better be some gas in my car from all this lol.

- If you haven't, you'd better go get you an Identical Variant. logo shirt while they still last. The sizes left range from SM to 3XL (the 2XL and 3XLs are in VERY limited supply). Head over the Facebook group to learn how to get one. The next shirts are coming soon! (and they have my design on it!)

And that's about it. As always I'm Ghost...face.

(1) - And that will be the ONLY time I do that willingly. And this is the version with Wayne. No Jeezy.
(2) - Don't get it twisted. Those are some good ass shows...


Blog Deleted said…
the version wit Wayne? yeaaaaaaa!! ;) that's right, u better stay on your grind, sweetie!

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