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Okay, nothing very artistic about this post I'm afraid to say. Well, I was working on something when I took a break and came across THIS....

A movie? A Max Payne MOVIE? This is an omen. A very geekish omen but still an omen. Earlier today I stole borrowed a copy of the original Max Payne game from my boy's crib, and I start my morning off with this? This could be very well be the FIRST video game based movie that won't suck. But I'm only going based off the fantastic visuals, just like I did with Hitman and that didn't turn out so great. Some things that make me question the possiblity of this movie's potential though...
  • First and foremost, it's rumored to be PG-13. The games are rated M. Not a good look.
  • The angels? Not it the game unless there was a hidden level I never played. The only references to angels were when the drug addicts kept saying "The flesh of fallen angels." Also this could be the director's vision of the drugged out levels in the game. The ones with the crying baby/screaming wife sounds that freaked me the hell out when I first played it.
  • In the game, the character of Jim Bravura is an old ass disgruntled white man. In the movie version...he's played by Ludacris. Actually that doesn't worry me at all. Luda's been proving himself as an actor lately (Crash, RocknRolla, etc)
Other than that, maybe I might have something to look forward to in October. But unlike The Dark Knight, you aren't saved from possibly being watched on my computer for free Max Payne. The ONLY movie that will be getting my cash for a while has Patrick Bateman in a bat suit and Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein in clown makeup. Okay, that and Wall-E.

Wow...a commerical just came on with the Kool-Aid Man playing street basketball. I heard about it from before but thought it was a joke. It's not. It's not at a joke at all. It's all too real. Maybe the "Godzilla Kool Aid Man" strip was prothetic...

But anyways, I'm being sidetracked. Continuing with "Grindin' Week" here's the updated version of the Grade A logo I was working on for Joshua Thompson III.

And that concludes the "Grindin' Week" report. Told you there wasn't much art for today's post. Hopefully later today I'll come through with an update with more art. With that, I'm Ghost...face.


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