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The Dark Knight still amazes me...

On July 18th at 12:01 AM, a movie started. The first scene, a brilliant bank heist done to the tune of a unknown criminal. So much betrayal in the first couple of minutes until the that unknown factor finally reveal himself. THIS...this is how you start a movie. And that movie still floats in my brain just from its greatness alone. Everything about it was perfect: the role of the Joker, Harvey Dent, the twists and turns, EVERYTHING. And yes, almost three hours long but worth it. Maybe some other films should take lessons from that (coughcoughspidermanthreecoughcough). In short words, I love that damn movie.

And with great storytelling comes the inspiration...and the return of "The Smack Chronicles!" The first one was BEFORE I actually saw the movie and the second was inspired by my boy Patrick Daly...

Also, hey look! More "Revolutionary Times" comics. Props to Murs for the inspiration of the title of the strip....

And hey! Some art for a couple of friends! Yay!

Now I leave to get packed up for this family reunion down in Mississippi. I love my fam and everything....but I hate being hot, bees that are the size of quarters, did I mention being incredibly hot? Ah well, at least they have a great abundance of Sonics there. Michigan needs to step their Sonics game up immediately. Yeah. Let's do that.

Also, new Identical Variant shirts are here. This time for the ladies. And this one is one that I designed! So yeah, ladies, do yourself a favor - head over to the online store and cop yourself one. Once again, they're limited so hurry!

And with that. I'm Ghost...face.


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