The Dirty Show 13.5 x "Downtown"

So after the very pixelated preview,  I've decided to present to you the Dirty Show submitted illustration in all its raunchy NSFW glory. Inspired by Wale's track "The Trip (Downtown)" off of his More About Nothing mixtape, I wanted to explore (again) the joys of the, uh, tongue targeted act from the woman's perspective. I figured it was a challenge that I severely lacked recently and when word of the Dirty Show coming up entered my inbox I saw it as the one chance to supercharge a recent art funk. The female responses that I've gotten have all been in favor, and really that was the target. Having someone look at the piece and immediately be caught in their own thoughts of previous experience or hopes for future ones. In the words of Barney Stinson, "Challenge Accepted"

Click the picture below for the full uncensored version of the piece. Please be warned that it is completely NSFW and contains sexual themes, nudity, and sexy forks.

The Dirty Show is being held at Bert's Warehouse in Detroit, MI this Friday!


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