xXFamily BusinessXx

As promised...

...and I do love my family. I really do. Without them I wouldn't be as weird as I am today.


xXComicCon Dreams x 2D Animation RebirthXx

Let's start this one off right...
Smack Chronicles - "Heavy Baggage"
(I guess this would be Strip #30. Wow!)

I'm already prepared to hear all about the greatness that was ComicCon from the friends who got a chance to live the experience. The only way I could experience was by watching G4 and the coverage they had. But I already know I missed a LOT! Max Payne? X-Men Origins: Wolverine?! Heroes? Lost?!? Watchmen?!?! And that's just a few of the things. Plus the networking opportunity of a lifetime! It's all good though. ComicCon 2009 better be prepared for my arrival though. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

On the comic tip, as you can see I'm starting to do more "Smack Chronicles" strips now. And don't worry, there will be more "Revolutionary Times"on the way. I'm working on promo pics and Brandon's busy trying to get us in the world of being copyrighted so we can be officially major. Plus I'm still waiting to get an email back from a very interesting person. If good things come out of that particular contact, I'm giving this man a terrorist fist jab. If you haven't done so hit up our Myspace, add us, show some love and support. We'd appreciate it greatly. A Facebook group/fan page is coming soon as well.

xX2D Animation RebirthXx
I love Wall-E. I love Kung Fu Panda. They have proved to be the two best animated features of this year to me. But with that, KFP is a bit higher on the love scale than Wall-E. Now before I get beaned in the forehead with lil' Eve dolls, I say that for this reason and this reason only...

And THAT was the most standout part of the whole movie to me. (that and enemies going blind by pure awesomeness). So I'm telling you this now: TRADITIONAL ANIMATION STILL LIVES. It's not dead yet. I'm not gonna get into a Nasir Jones phase and make banners saying "2D is Dead." Not just yet. More proof you need, you say? Aiight, how about something from the masters of the 2D art?

...and I'm REALLY looking forward to that. Yeah, I said a MANLY way. Why? Because I missed 2D animation in the theater THAT much. Brad Bird's work in The Incredibles was purely amazing but give me what he did with The Iron Giant anyday. And just because this has me pumped up, one more piece of evidence...

...and that's because I just needed some type of Gorillaz fix.
(NOTE: You probably won't be able to see the videos if you're reading this through my Facebook feed. Hit up the original post to watch them in their glory)

That's all I gotta say for now. I need to go and watch Iron Giant now after all that. I haven't forgot about putting up those doodles from the family reunion. I might make a second post today for those.

Until then - Ghost...face.
....and why so serious?


xXAnimated EpiphaniesXx

During the ride back home, I did something that I never seem to take time to do anymore - I looked at the world around me and just let my imagination go wild...

Combined with having just watched Point Break & Memento and music playing simultaneously, my brain formed crisp yet gritty animation of a lone man in a battle with his own mind and many many people with guns. A trailer was formed using only the Lil' Wayne driven chorus of "My Life" with quick cuts of gun fights, somber moments in darkness, and a gun to the temple. And a beginning of this unknown story set to the tone of "Freddy's Dead," following a thought-to-be main character and ending abruptly with him getting rammed by a car introducing the actual protagonist. A protagonist who is aware of our own world and breaks the fourth wall repeatedly, much to the glee of the you, the viewer. An almost cold personality mixed with the gritty mentality of say Max Payne or The Punisher with the quick wit of Will Smith (sans the assistance of Martin Lawrence).

Thing is I don't know what any of it means. Could it be a moment of genius I should store in the brain so that I can tap into it in the future and give it justice? Or just another far fetched illusion from me, the daydream junkie. Who even knows? Only time can tell. It's just amazing what your brain can give you when you just let it go crazy...

And now I'm back to watching 1408. I'll post some doodles I did this past weekend during the whole family reunion thing sometime tomorrow. Plus maybe a Comic-Con'd "Smack Chronicles."



xXWhy So Serious x White Girls x Family ReunionXx

The Dark Knight still amazes me...

On July 18th at 12:01 AM, a movie started. The first scene, a brilliant bank heist done to the tune of a unknown criminal. So much betrayal in the first couple of minutes until the that unknown factor finally reveal himself. THIS...this is how you start a movie. And that movie still floats in my brain just from its greatness alone. Everything about it was perfect: the role of the Joker, Harvey Dent, the twists and turns, EVERYTHING. And yes, almost three hours long but worth it. Maybe some other films should take lessons from that (coughcoughspidermanthreecoughcough). In short words, I love that damn movie.

And with great storytelling comes the inspiration...and the return of "The Smack Chronicles!" The first one was BEFORE I actually saw the movie and the second was inspired by my boy Patrick Daly...

Also, hey look! More "Revolutionary Times" comics. Props to Murs for the inspiration of the title of the strip....

And hey! Some art for a couple of friends! Yay!

Now I leave to get packed up for this family reunion down in Mississippi. I love my fam and everything....but I hate being hot, bees that are the size of quarters, did I mention being incredibly hot? Ah well, at least they have a great abundance of Sonics there. Michigan needs to step their Sonics game up immediately. Yeah. Let's do that.

Also, new Identical Variant shirts are here. This time for the ladies. And this one is one that I designed! So yeah, ladies, do yourself a favor - head over to the online store and cop yourself one. Once again, they're limited so hurry!

And with that. I'm Ghost...face.


xXMax Payne x Grade A ClassicsXx

Okay, nothing very artistic about this post I'm afraid to say. Well, I was working on something when I took a break and came across THIS....

A movie? A Max Payne MOVIE? This is an omen. A very geekish omen but still an omen. Earlier today I stole borrowed a copy of the original Max Payne game from my boy's crib, and I start my morning off with this? This could be very well be the FIRST video game based movie that won't suck. But I'm only going based off the fantastic visuals, just like I did with Hitman and that didn't turn out so great. Some things that make me question the possiblity of this movie's potential though...
  • First and foremost, it's rumored to be PG-13. The games are rated M. Not a good look.
  • The angels? Not it the game unless there was a hidden level I never played. The only references to angels were when the drug addicts kept saying "The flesh of fallen angels." Also this could be the director's vision of the drugged out levels in the game. The ones with the crying baby/screaming wife sounds that freaked me the hell out when I first played it.
  • In the game, the character of Jim Bravura is an old ass disgruntled white man. In the movie version...he's played by Ludacris. Actually that doesn't worry me at all. Luda's been proving himself as an actor lately (Crash, RocknRolla, etc)
Other than that, maybe I might have something to look forward to in October. But unlike The Dark Knight, you aren't saved from possibly being watched on my computer for free Max Payne. The ONLY movie that will be getting my cash for a while has Patrick Bateman in a bat suit and Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein in clown makeup. Okay, that and Wall-E.

Wow...a commerical just came on with the Kool-Aid Man playing street basketball. I heard about it from before but thought it was a joke. It's not. It's not at a joke at all. It's all too real. Maybe the "Godzilla Kool Aid Man" strip was prothetic...

But anyways, I'm being sidetracked. Continuing with "Grindin' Week" here's the updated version of the Grade A logo I was working on for Joshua Thompson III.

And that concludes the "Grindin' Week" report. Told you there wasn't much art for today's post. Hopefully later today I'll come through with an update with more art. With that, I'm Ghost...face.


xXA Mixtape About NothingXx

A mixtape for a damn blog? I'm starting to think most of my outlandish ideas come to me at 5:30 in the damn morning. This is one of them.

So as I started this week of pure grindin' like those two brothers from VA, I was hit with an idea Monday morning I believe. Since I spent most of the night finishing the two pieces later in this post I thought to myself, "Self, you should make a banner for the blog." Quite inspired from a girl that spits fire's page I got to work on it immediately. That was at 3 am. It was a 5:30 that I looked at the design and once again said, "Self, damn you could make an album cover out that. Haha..."

"...wait...why the hell not?"

So with the next hour or so I started compiling up songs and movie quotes, the same songs and movies that have helped me get through every sketch to the final product lately. Well the movies more so help me visuals but still. And that is why I have a mixtape for a damn blog.

01. Bullshit & Experience (Intro - 48 Hrs)
02. Anti Matter - N.E.R.D.
03. Believe it (f. Red 5ive) - Saigon
04. A Lion (Skit) (Interlude - Grandma's Boy)
05. Dope Boyz (f. Travis Barker) - The Game
06. The Ghost (f. Pharrell) - Styles P
07. Can You Hear Me - Killer Mike
08. More Super Monkeys (Interlude - Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back)
09. Mr. Carter (f. Jay-Z) - Lil Wayne
10. The Crazy - Wale
11. Paper Trail (f. Phonte) - Kidz in the Hall
12. Throw It Up (f. Lil' Wayne & Ludacris) - Busta Rhymes
13. Did We Have Sex? (Interlude - Knocked Up)
14. One More Chance (Remix) - The Notorious B.I.G.
15. Love Bomb - N.E.R.D.
16. Women Problems - Pacific Division
17. Good Morning! (Coming to America)
18. Rockin' N Rollin' (f. The Cool Kids) - Mickey Factz
19. Rising Up (f. Wale & Chrisette Michele) - The Roots
20. We Are Not... (Interlude - Fight Club)
21. Won't Do - J. Dilla
22. Overdose On Life (f. Travis McCoy & Mickey Factz) - Drake

Available for download if it interests you. If it doesn't work then bare with me. I'm new to this lol.

And with that, "Grindin'" week continues. Calling up several people to see possible places where me and Brandon can distrubute "Revolutionary Times," and emailing some of the webcomic gods (Penny-Arcade, PvP, etc) who happen to have distrubtion deals themselves to see how they're process was in doing so. Also apparently I might be heading out to the D this weekend (and making a stop to Flint to pick up my damn I.V. shirt finally) for the Royce Da 5'9'xD12 concert (probably a very Eminem-less D12 at that...). That's only if a certain cat with connections can work some magic that won't have me paying too much for it. (Hey, you point me out on your blog so I do the same lol).

Also finishing up some commissions. These were two pieces done for a friend of a friend (Props to Delo for putting in a good word for me).

You TOO can be a character. I'm starting these character commissions for $50/$25 each for multiple ones. If you're interested in one just hit me up by email (

Now with all that said, I'm bout to get a lil' workout in before heading out to the art museum for that good ol' nonpaying volunteer work. Fun times. So fun times...



xXOut Here Grindin'Xx

*Pulls up iTunes, selects "Out Here Grindin'" by DJ Khaled, puts on repeat*(1)
I don't care what nobody say, I'ma be me (be me)
Stay hood, stay raised on the streets (cause I'm out here grindin')
Niggas talk about greatness whenever they speak about me
(Cause I'm out here grindin')

Well except for being "in the streets" that's how I've been (kinda) feeling. Ha! And you thought I was just lounging around in boxers watching reruns of Law & Order SVU and Monk all day(2). NOPE! NOPE! Double HA!

Here's the latest of my universal goal of reaching greatness to the point when I can finally start pissing excellence. Joshua Thompson III commissioned me to polish up the logo for the clothing line he's started called Grade A. At first I had done this completely by hand but afterwards I wanted to challenge myself and completely redo my drawing in Illustrator (thanks to inspiration from my father. Dude's a genius I tell you). Here's the result...

Also for the line, he wanted to design two mascots that showcase the line's idea of pride and being ahead of its class...

And I'm definitely feeling how everything turned out. This week is gonna be a busy for one me. Just got commissioned to do two character pieces for a friend of a friend, doing something for Joanna Dam and her TrendSettaz line, AND I still got some more "Revolutionary Times" joints to finish.

I just know damn well between this week and the next there finally better be some gas in my car from all this lol.

- If you haven't, you'd better go get you an Identical Variant. logo shirt while they still last. The sizes left range from SM to 3XL (the 2XL and 3XLs are in VERY limited supply). Head over the Facebook group to learn how to get one. The next shirts are coming soon! (and they have my design on it!)

And that's about it. As always I'm Ghost...face.

(1) - And that will be the ONLY time I do that willingly. And this is the version with Wayne. No Jeezy.
(2) - Don't get it twisted. Those are some good ass shows...


xXNever ScaredXx

To (unfortunately) quote a PMSing Bow Wow...
"Do you NOT respect us?"

I kid, I kid. But yeah, "Revolutionary Times," we trying for that major status...