They say the best art comes from when you're in pain, right?

[UPDATE: 09/11/15] 

Yesterday was Suicide Prevention Day. I’m never open about my depression, only a few really know I deal with it, but let it be a sign there are people out there who need a shoulder to lean on even if they mask it with creativity and jokes. The real title of this was “Blue Depression” and it was made on a night that went south on me mentally. But instead of going deeper into the dark place I chose to let it out with my art. Something I wish I could’ve done the other times my mind went to those dark places.

If you know anyone who’s dealing with depression, stick by them. This shit isn’t something that just goes away with pills or anything like that. Sure they help suppress it but it’s still something that sticks to you. Don’t give up on them. Let them know they have a place on this earth even if it doesn’t seem that way to them. Stand by them because the last thing someone wants to feel is alone, especially dealing with something like this. That’s honestly how I’ve made it this far. The hope of seeing my friends live out great lives, rising above life threatening obstacles, and all that shows how strong people really can be. That’s the kind of strength I hold on to everyday.


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