A Day At M.E.C.C.A. Con!

Yesterday the epic M.E.C.C.A Con and my first ever con experience where I was actually a vendor. I had been to conventions before like Wizard World (as a kid) and of course EBACC but never as someone with their own booth. Let me tell you the stress this whole month has been trying to get things together for it. I'm happy I already shave my head because if not I would've been bald by now. But it all worked out because it was great experience. It even greater finally meeting with other art cats I have come to respect such as Anthony Piper, Brian Johnson, and others. And even may have gotten new fans of Revolutionary Times with the newly updated "Propaganda" mini-comics I passed out. It's all thanks to the awesome Maia "Crown" Williams for putting everything together and allowing me to be a part of something very dope.

Also all the leftover convention prints and stickers are officially for sale over at my Gumroad shop so there's still plenty of chance to cop one for yourself while they're available!


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