INTRODUCING: Sketch Card Commissions!

In the spirit of Inktober (and the fact I got a bunch of card leftover from M.E.C.C.A. Con) I’m doing inked (post) card commissions! I draw whatever you want! A cartoon version of you? A character you're fond of? Now's your chance to ask away and receive a inked sketch in the process. If you wanted to see 50 Cent giving Deadpool piggy back ride in space then that's what I'll draw. And yes, if you even want to draw something ala RED I’ll do that as well (just the ladies on that one though. Keep the pants on, guys).

Here’s how you can get one: Head over to the Gumroad page and cop one (for $20! No shipping fee). Then after your purchase send me an email ( with your name and what you want me to draw. If you're asking to draw yourself, someone you know, or a character so obscure that Google doesn't even know who it is, make sure to attach reference pictures in the email as well.

Pen and ink illustrations on 8x5 1/2 bristol board.


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