Smack's Jones For Lovely Art (And Women)

So I dropped the artwork for this a while ago but the event itself happened over the weekend (June 26th) and of course the lovely Jaja Morgan wanted me to be there and I couldn't say "no" (she wouldn't let me).

Located at the newly refurbished 4731 Gallery, Love, Detroit is just as the words portray - A love for all things Detroit especially when it comes its artistic virtues...
And the event itself showcased some great talent plastered all over the walls.

Photography by Kendre Daniels. I ain't even know she had this talent. Sneaky as hell...
...and of course, some of my own pieces (no gloating). Along with the art, the poetry was amazing. The award winning Detroit Slam Team (including Cold Men Young spitta Mic Write) showed the crowd exactly why they're great at what they do. Prior to it starting I had took a stroll to another gallery with producer/photographer Charlie Graham as he chopped it up with other artists and basically took to the scenery all for a documentary he's putting together. Overall it was good day to be an artist. Great creative people to vibe off from and I'm gonna look forward to any future shows Jaja wants to put on.
...and of course beautiful women hold up my art (while I look somewhat confused at what's going on). *Tiger Fist Pump*

Photo Credit: Kendre Daniels


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