RT "50 Ways" Preview X Purple Boredom, Puuurple Boredom

So chalk up another night of less sleep? Why the "no sleep, Smack?" one might ask (no one is actually asking, I know). THIS is the reason I've gotten less sleep. THIS is the reason I can't get on my extensive P90X Death Workout Plan. Because of THIS, people.

Me and Brandon have been heavily prepping the "50 Ways Of Being Revolutionary" book out finally around sometime next month. That includes the exclusive 4-page comic that sets up the whole book. But we're almost there. One more page to finish and a couple of technical flaws to take care of and boom, the book launch should be set. Stay tuned, true believers...
Oh, and I was went insane temporarily at some point last night so the bored side of a Smack brain tends to attach itself to something random to complete to lessen the friedom of brain matter. This...THIS is that "something random." Thank you, Black Entertainment Television. Thank you for the tools for possible hilarity...

And with that, I bid you a GhostdontlookdirectlyintoPrince'seyes...face


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