*Insert Catchy "End Of Year" Title Here*

2010? Fin. 2011? Stairway to Heaven.

Wait...what? I don't really know where that came from. I apologize.

Anyways, 2010. What a year. So much personal grown and stress all in the matter of twelve months. I finally graduated (twice) and officially started my venture into freelance illustration. And I gotta stay, tis been a journey. It truly has. A couple of ups, a lot of downs, and some in-betweens. But I took it with stride and have kept going on.

  • I ended up creating great art for great music. Street Justice? BLAT! Pack? Cold Men Young? Erik Flowchild? And that's just to name a few. And hopefully more art will be done for incredible musicians for 2011. In fact, I'm already working on some you might see on here pretty soon... 
  • Kept The Revolutionary Times going. Brandon and I steadily taking on the task of bringing something unique and hilarious to people every week. And that's only the beginning, as I thoughtfully laid on in the most recent post over at the blog...
  • Randall and Marcus are taking Identical Variant to the next levels for 2011 and I'm glad to be apart of it. We taking y'all to SPACE, people. SPACE....camp... 
  • As far as personal growth, I'm trying to relax more. Stress was killing me over 2010 and that's something I don't want to bring over to '11. Also I WILL try to lose some weight. Somehow. Someway. It's gonna happen. I shaved my head so in turn I HAVE to have some type of muscle to go with it now. No turning back. And I'm sorry to the people who want me to sleep more (I'm looking at you), but my insomnia is here to stay. Just be kind to it. It can cause sporadic psychosis. 
  • And SOMEHOW...a steady illustration job will be found. Somehow. Someway. It's gonna happen. Hopefully. I hope. Please? 

But either way, I'm looking forward to 2011. It should be awesome. Hopefully. I turn 24. Wait...I think I'm already 24. Wait...am I 24? DAMMIT, I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE! WHO AM I?!?!?


Um...Happy New Years, everyone. Drink coffee. Stay sane.

- The Smack


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