xXUnkommon Kolor - MJ Tribute TeesXx

Come on, we ALL knew there were gonna be a gazillion Michael R.I.P. shirts just haphazardly put together, but the folks over at Unkommon Kolor are proving us wrong with this dope ass tribute shirt that I will definitely be copping very soon.

We here at Unkommon Kolor salute those that are bold enough to blaze a new trail and create a lane for themselves. Its kinda the premise of our whole company. There has perhaps never been a star brighter or trailblazer more influential than Michael Jackson. While MJ's style was certainly his own, sequined bellhop jacket or not, you must admit MJ was a trendsetter. He had us mimicking his dance moves in the mirror wishing we had a "glitter glove". Michael Jackson not only revolutionized popular music, he reinvented the music video and what it truly meant to be an "artist". Michael's music touched us all and his legacy will forever live on. Wear your Unkommon Kolor King of Pop Tribute T proudly and know that if Mike had one, it would be covered in rhinestones and sequins. Pre-Order yours now. Only a limited number of these will be printed and when they are gone they are gone forever!!! http://www.unkommonkolor.com/mj
via Unkommon Kolor's blog

And yep, still waiting for that video to load up. Vimeo is messing up....


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