xX2DopeShirts N' A CadillacXx

The new Identical Variant "Fresh til 3000" shirts that I designed are on sale RIGHT NOW! Not now. RIGHT NOW! Go and cop yours today because they're going FAST! You already know I copped mine!

ALSO, there are still some Womens "I'm Dope" tees still available so ladies, go ahead and get you some of this "dope"ness. (HA! Get it? See what I did there? Cuz the shirt's "I'm Dope" and...ah, nevermind)

Head over to the IV official site and the online store and get your very own before they're gone! And don't worry, JP, me, and others are already cooking up designs for new shirts and tanktops for the summer so keep a look out!

With that blatant advertising plug, I'm Ghost...face


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