xXShowin' Love: Lauryn x Brandi KayXx

While I wait for my "Smack Chronicles" edition of SpeedComics to load up (the Michael Jackson tribute that I will post as soon it's done), I thought I'd show some love to two lovely ladies who are starting to get their "internetz" presence on...

xXThe Real Sidney ShawXx

Lauryn Scott, or "Sidney Shaw" as she loves to be called (based off of Sanaa Lathan's character from Brown Sugar), is currently an intern at Sony music (AND now BET) who's been in Cali at the start of the summer and really starting to do big things. And to put all these big things poppin' on paper, she (finally) started her own blog. So head over there and check it out. She has a great first post detailing her time spent at this year's BET Awards show. Oh, and that banner design seems awfully familiar...


Brandi Keeler is one of the most talented and strong minded artists I've met while attending CCS and she has a body of work that displays the gift. I actually got to get a sneak peek of her website before she finally uploaded it and I was jealous. Check it out for yourself and be amazed. Also head over to her blog that has her own tidbits of wisdom as well.

So with all that, keep and eye out for the new SC strip along with the SpeedComics video later today. I'm Ghost.....nah, I'll save that for the last post of the day.


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