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JP X Smack! - Booty & A Biscuit X First Leak

I'm really excited to finally be able to reveal to this you guys. For months, nah, YEARS since our college roommates day Randall (of Identical Variant) and I have been wanting to do a mixtape together. We had it all scouted out, he would be the producer/sometimes emcee and I would be the emcee/sometimes crooner. Like a Dame Dash to my (very mediocre) Jay. Like the DJ Clue to my Fabolous (just actually productive). But of course life stopped us from ever really doing it.


At the beginning of the year when big things were starting to change life we figured "What the hell." If Lil' B can be big off of this than let's try our hands at swag as well. So Randall played around in Reason/Fruity Loops and I studied as much Pusha T/Phonte/Chuck D as much as possible to get my lyrics right. And something that was a joke at first actually manifested itself into a real project. Yeah folks. No April's Fools joke. In the words of Cold Men Young, it's officially April Cool's Day. Here is your first look at Randall and I's mixtape...

Booty & A Biscuit: The Adventures of JP & Smack! 
Release Date: Summer 2011
Obviously from the cover, you can tell we're not being serious with it. It's definitely a light hearted record, nothing too introspective. Just two guys who were bored and decided to have fun with a medium they never had experience in before. I kinda related it to what Jack Black did with the Tenacious D records, which fits because the concept is basically having the most epic night of your life. We've finished two songs so far but here's the tracklisting we're aiming for...

Tracklist (still tentative)
  1. Fly Shit X Big Booty Chicks (The Intro)
  2. You Can Do What?! (skit)
  3. The Cliche Stripper Song 
  4. Fly High (f. 'Zo)
  5. Black Man's Kryptonite 
  6. Mark Ass N***as (skit)
  7. Sharpie Gang (f. KaNisha, Neo & Dani) (tentative)
  8. Partasti 
  9. Red Bull Nights
  10. The Introspective Advice of Big O (skit) 
  11. Headaches X Missing Kidneys (The Outro)
So that's the big announcement folks. Hopefully this will be out sometime this summer but you know how hip-hop and release dates are. Oh, and we don't wanna leave you hanging without actually hearing SOMETHING. So here's a snippet of the intro "Fly Shit X Big Booty Chicks" (like I said, we're not going the serious route here) and the full version of "Red Bull Nights"...
"Fly Shit X Big Booty Chicks" (Snippet)


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