xXShowin' Love (Birthday Se...Er...Cake Edition)Xx

...sorry, I have yet to get that song out of my system from hearing it every single week (thanks to certain people). Anyways, today marks a few birthdays and I wanted to do something special for 'em...

If the name Robin A. Collins doesn't ring a bell to you then A) you need to learn and B) you need to check out her site. A very dope photographer based in Detroit, she's shown love for my art so I had to cook up something for her birthday. I'm still waiting for her to admit that she has a (art) crush on me though....

We can thank Lauryn for this one. Got your pen and paper out? Good, because here's another name you should probably know already and if you don't, slip on soap (not really though, we here at Pepsi Madness condone safe soap usage). Ashley Sierra Reed, who is an entrepreneur with her own clothing line (the ASR Collection), also celebrates her birthday today. Another person who showed interest in my art, I thought I'd do something special for her and not because Lauryn wanted me to do it for her. Not at all. Ahem. Anyways, she's a real talented girl that you should be keeping an eye or two on.

Random Reader of Blog: "Hey, man! Why don't you show love to more dude's stuff on here? It's been mainly girls."

Me: "Huh, that's a good question. *thinkofaJayZlinethinkofaJayZline* ...pardon my back!"*

I'm Ghost...face

*aka Because I'm a fan of showing love to women. They don't call me "Leon Phelps, The Ladies Man" for nothing. Oh wait, they don't call me "Leon Phelps." Well...I'm showing love to the ladies so in the future people can start calling me "Leon Phelps" dammit!


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