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Nah, no art on my part in this post. But since I'm WIDE AWAKE thanks to an energy shot I needed to drive back from Michigan State ALLLLL the way back to Detroit late at night I decided I should hit y'all up on some art I highly advise you to take a look at...

Like the Detroit Zoo competition earlier, Somerset Mall (located in Troy, MI) held a competition to the Illustration department at CCS to design a special collectors shopping bag. Personally I wanted to get in on this project bad but I got mixed up too much with the zoo project, internship searching, and working on new Revolutionary Times AND Smack (1/2) Chronicles strips (the new chibi-ized version that's coming soon. Hence the "1/2"). So I left that up to the rest of my fellow art fiends to handle and yeah, they made it happen in a big way. Y'all should really check out these designs because they're beyond dope. Here are a few that already posted theirs up on their respective blogs...

Rachael Olek
Maria Filar
Jillian Pulford
Mario Moore
Matt Byle
Nikki DeSautelle
Wesley Eggebracht

All dope, I know right? 

Anyways, I'm about to go work off this atomic bomb of energy I currently have, but before I do - shouts out to the Alpha Phi Alpha's for putting Identical Variant in their fashion show earlier tonight (Friday). Aside from a rough ending *coughcoughidiotscough* it was highly successful. Just seeing a shirt I designed being worn by such beautiful ladies in front of huge crowd made that joint an epic win for the night. That and that after party...that had a rough middle *coughcoughmoreidiotsscoughcough*. I definitely enjoyed myself and hope to travel back up there sometime before the semester ends. 

Yeah, so that's about all I have to say. Watch out this weekend for some new comics (I hope). I'm Ghost...face

EDIT: Go over the Revolutionary Times blog to check out my first edition of the "Revolutionary Artsts" series, the first about The Booondocks character designer and comic artist LeSean Thomas.


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