xXProject Mayhem AwaitsXx

Sorry about the lack of updates here. Last week I had to deal with a passing in my family...

R.I.P. Willie Maud Davis, or always known to me and countless others as "Nick."
You were a great-aunt to me but an amazing and caring grandmother to Jarvis and Keenan. You will forever be missed and cherished, but I already know you'll be looking down when Jarvis graduates in a couple weeks and for when I do in December (along with Grandmama and Puff barking up a storm, hopefully not pooping on clouds). I will always remember the times we had and especially the guidance you gave me when you were here for Thanksgiving. Thank you and I love you.

But now I'm back! Back like Jamie Foxx on the Foxxhole Radio (boy, I love that show)! Back like Hova in 2003! Back in MJ in the 23! Back in a BIG way!

How BIG? (pause)

THIS BIG! (pause)

The first rule of Project Mayhem? You don't talk about Project Mayhem
....until April 23rd that is.

And on the day after (April 24th) I highly suggest y'all head over to the PREMIER launch of my beautiful long time friend Brittany Patrice's website (http://www.brittanypatrice.com). Hell, if the "COMING SOON" page is any indication, then the whole thing is gonna be dope as hell.

Aight, I should probably pay attention in this class. I'm Ghost...face


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