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Longtime homie and resident hip-hop journalist Ketchum recently hit me up for an interview discussing a good range of topics from the comics strips, to my inspiration to the the Art of Noise series. Awesome, right? Go over to his blog and check it out.

Speaking of awesome, head over to the Identical Variant store and pre-order the new merchandise that's soon to be appearing on people's back. The two new joints, "I'm Dope" (collabo with Randall) and "Fresh 'til 3000" (Asher Roth inspired), designed by yours truly will be up for sale soon each for $25.

With that, I start my week of zero sleep. Gotta love finals, CCS style.
I'm Ghost...face


Brandon said…
WOW can we say...Someone needs an agent right now. Yo nice interview w/ ketchum. "Tears in my eyes again" jk....Hard work pays off!!..."Bow in the presence of greatness"

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