xXMotherf**ker, Are You ADHD?Xx

...and the answer is simply too dark for the user.
....or rhetorical
...or simply "yes."

If there's quite a bit of requests for a model sheet to make one for yourself, I'll post it up on here. Who knows, if that happens there might be more, Revolutionary Times included! 'Kay, thanks. Good day to you! I say, good day!


AntB said…
yo that lil dude is sweet..haha let me get one
Chris Houghton said…
Duuude, that's awesome! How'd you do that?
B-How said…
hahaha yea that is cool man!! I want one...how did you do that?
Anonymous said…
Damn Bro..thatz kool az hell :-D
can you post the model sheet so i can make one of my character ?

Sean Mack! said…
Here ya go!


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