xXU.B.G. (Unauthorized Biography of Ghostface)Xx

A couple days ago, Rachael asked me what was the meaning behind me always adding "Ghost...face" to the end of almost every one of my post. See how perfect this ties in with my second 1Week experimentthe new 2Week Experiment? See, that answer could've gone two ways: One bringing my strange interest in all of the Scream movies (hey, it's a guilty pleasure), and the other going toward the hip-hop realm. But since a killer basing his M.O. off of horror flicks isn't really life changing, that title simply belongs to veteran Wu-Tang member Dennis Cole...
...aka Tony Starks
...aka Ghost Deini
...aka Ironman
....aka Pretty Tony
....but better known as Ghostface Killah.

Ghost's fourth solo album The Pretty Tony Album was one of the first albums I bought in high school (along with Jay's The Blueprint and Kweli's Quality) when I first started really getting into hip-hop. Nah, you WOULD think I would have gotten Bulletproof Wallets before but naaah, I had to get out of my Kid Rock/Limp Bizkit phase first. Since then Ghost has definitely cemented his place as one of my favorite emcees of all time and most favorite out of Wu (aside from Method Man and GZA). He still has one of my favorite rap lines ever as well ("I'm high powered, put Adina Howard to sleep. Yo pardon, that b*tch been on my mind all week"). Now all I have to do is actually watch Mystery of Chessboxing, the kung-fu flick in which Ghost's moniker is deviated from (WHOO! FUN FACT!).

Now a Smack abridged version of how I got introduced to J Dilla aka Jay Dee aka Dilla Dog...

...I finally landed in Detroit. Copped Donuts. Was amazed and pissed at the same time that I got into his music JUST before he died. Been living it Dilla-tastic ever since. The end. No further explanation needed. Just like the shirts say, "J. Dilla Changed My Life".

As always, Ghost...face.

*oh yeah, these two pieces will be completed ones soon enough (along with a Biggie joint) so keep an eye out...


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