Art Dump

Oh poor blog. I know, I know. I haven't been too kind to you. Blame your cousin Tumblr for its love for topless women and inspirational Wiz Khalifa and Drake quotes. But I'm back and I'm gonna be better to you I promise. I promise *calmly strokes Macbook screen* In fact, let's start this off right. I think it's time we dump some delayed artwork and some sneak peeks at future projects. And...GO!



(What would've been the poster for the last Art Of Hip-Hop if weren't unceremoniously cancelled)

(The starting designs for a character challenge I was supposed to be done with. I'll do the rest soon though) 

See, I didn't forget how to love you, art blog. Who loves ya, baby? This guy right here does.

*high fives Macbook*

...*has to go to Best Buy for breaking screen*


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