Non-Stop Bangin' Like A Dilla Instrumental

Obviously I didn't let my hospital stop me from making up some finished artwork for my peoples. So, with an IV stuck in my arm and my Wacom by my side, I managed to cook up a little something during my stay. In order words, I Dilla'd the situation to the best of my abilities. Why "Dilla'd"? Because even while he was facing death's door, J Dilla still managed to craft amazing music in his hospital room.
This Saturday, IV is teaming up with to bring you the first in what hopes to be a series of hip-hop showcases. The line-up is still a mystery to the outside world but expect the venue to be banging full of great music and creativity. The location is at the Greater Flint Arts Council and all it takes is $5 to get in. And who knows, if I feel well enough I might try to pull off some live art again.
In celebration of their impending destination to SXSW, BLAT! Pack members Red Pill and JYoung The General craft this Hir-O produced track dedicated to Austin F'n Texas. Right now, the whole BLAT! gang should be well on their way to TX so if you're attending SXSW make sure to find out where they're performing because you won't be disappointed. Other Michigan artists that are expected to perform at various SXSW shows include Cold Men Young, Jon Connor, Danny Brown, Invincible, OneBeLo, and Ro Spit.


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