Riots x Women x Cut Ham

Here is the flyer and ticket designs for an upcoming show in Detroit "The Riot! Movement" happening on September 18th at the 5E Gallery, brought to you by the lovely Lala Triplett.
A simple flyer for an event out at Texas Southern University done for Identical Variant model Divania (b.k.a. Vannie)
And not exactly a commission, more so a Smack|Cut. This was the first involvement I had with Street Justice before moving on to do the two page comic. Their manager Jaja hit me up to see if I was interested in designing the cover for Go H.A.A.M and this was actually my mock-up to show the direction that I was going in. But in the end, SJ group member/designer Redd took care of the artwork duties and that left me to do the comic. And now the world is filled with dopeness upon dopeness.


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