This Is For My Peoples! (No Jae Millz)

I was subconsciously reminded of a great show that happening in Detroit at the Russell that a lovely lady friend of mine just happens to be apart of. So that definitely means I'll (try to) be in the building showing nothing but support and artistic loving.

I gotta say, attending an art show at the Russell is pretty surprising at first. I remember the first time I was there was for an art battle and here is this apparently empty abandoned warehouse on the outside but on the inside? Brimming with artists and all its artistic glory. I promised myself that one day...ONE DAY...I will be apart of the one shows out there just for the atmosphere alone.

Click on the flyer to learn more about the show!

Oh yeah, and solely because when I was coming up with a blog title I'm adding the (one good) Jae Millz song that reminded me of it. HA! RAP!


Jess said…
Thanks S.B....I totally feel like you repped this more than I did though..and I'm the one in absolute fail on my part.

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